14 Killed in Fire at Karaoke Parlour in Southern Vietnam

8 September 2022 00:26

At least 14 people died after a fire broke out at a karaoke parlor in the Province of Binh Duong in Southern Vietnam.

At least 40 other people were in the fire at the four-story venue in Thuan a city that began on Tuesday at about 9 PM, trapping staff and customers inside. The fire was under control within an hour, but still smoldering on Wednesday, more than 12 hours later.

Local media reports said some people were injured from asphyxiation from the smoke and others with broken limbs when they jumped from upper floors to try to escape the fire.

Fire Fighters using ladders from their trucks managed to rescue others Provincial authorities said they were investigating the cause of the blaze, which broke out on the second or third floor.