Philippines Disappeared Protest

31 August 2022 02:41

Families and friends of victims who mainly went missing during the martial law era of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos senior, marked the international day of the disappeared with a gathering in Manila on Tuesday.

They voiced their demands for justice for their missing loved ones during the event, at the Heroes Monument in the Philippine Capital.

The group also renewed their calls for answers on the whereabouts of the 1,900 people, who disappeared from the years of the dictatorship until the end of Rodrigo Duterte's administration.

Marcos senior imposed martial law in the Philippines in September 1972, and finally was ousted in a 1986 army-backed "people power" pro-democracy uprising.

During Tuesday's event, the group also decried the first case of abduction and disappearance under the new administration of his namesake son.

Women's rights advocate Maria Elena Pampoza was last seen from Tarlac province on July 3rd, just three days after Ferdinand Marcos junior was inaugurated as president.