Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection

13 September 2022 00:30

Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises Minister, Erick Tohir along with the head of the national board for the placement and protection of Indonesian overseas workers, Benny Rhamdani accompanied by deputy minister of manpower afriansyah noor, give awards to two thousand six hundred 86 Indonesian migrant worker candidates at Korea-Indonesia friendship sports center in Cibubur, Indonesia.

In his Remarks Minister Erick Tohir, shares 3 important messages to Indonesian migrant workers as guidelines. Firstly, Indonesian overseas workers have to be able to adapt to any culture and language of any country they choose to work on. Secondly, Indonesian overseas workers have to keep communicating and strengthening their bond with their families back home. And lastly, the government of Indonesia will always available to provide the needs of indonesian migrant workers in any case of emergency.

Indonesian overseas workers are also welcomed to report to the nearest Indonesian embassy, the national board for the placement and protection of Indonesian overseas workers or state-owned enterprises representatives. Eric also shares his apreciation and gratitude to the governments of South Korea and Taiwan for their benevolence in cooperation, in this sector.

1.711 of those worker candidates are enlisted in South Korea GTG preliminary education programe, 314 others are enlisted in PTP programe, will be departed for Malaysia, and the rest 123 candidates are symbolically flown to Taiwan.