South Korea Warns on North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

14 September 2022 00:13

South Korea warned North Korea will face "a self-destruction", if it plots to use nuclear weapons. Its recent legislation on the pre-emptive use of its bombs would only prompt Seoul and Washington to bolster their joint military capability.

Seoul's warning could enrage North Korea and further deepen animosities between the rivals as Seoul has typically shunned harsh languages on pyongyang to avoid tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
South Korea's defense ministry said on Tuesday, it believes the North's legislation was aimed at publicly showing off its nuclear Arsenal, while expressing its intentions not to give up its weapons of mass destruction.
Last week, North Korea's rubber-stamp parliament passed legislation on the governing rules of its nuclear Arsenal. The legislation published by state media, would allow North Korea to use its nuclear weapons, if its leadership face an imminent attack or if it aims to prevent an unspecified "catastrophic crisis" to its people.
During the parliament's meeting, North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un said in a speech that his country will never abandon its nuclear weapons, it needs to cope with US threats. He accused the United States of pushing to weaken the North's defenses and eventually collapse his government.