Indonesian Fuel Cash Assistance Program, Govt Distribute IDR600,000 to 20.6 Million Beneficiaries

6 September 2022 00:50

On Saturday, Indonesia's President, Joko Widodo himself took part in the distribution of cash assistance to residents in Bandar Lampung.

In the program, over 20,6 families will receive 600 thousand rupiahs over the space of four months. The distribution will be done twice so each family will get 300 thousand rupiahs every two months.

The direct cash assistance program is aimed at helping low-income groups amid the hike in subsidized fuel prices, in which for example ron 90 pertalite was increased by 30 percent.

On top of this, the Indonesian government will also hand out 600 thousand rupiahs in cash assistance to 16 million workers who earn 3,5 million rupiahs or less a month.