Chad's 60 Demonstrators Killed in Police Firing

22 October 2022 01:22

At least 60 people were killed after chadian security forces have opened fire on anti-government demonstrators in the country's two largest cities on thursday. Authorities imposed a curfew after thursday's violence which came amid protests in the central african nation against interim leader mahamat idriss deby's two-year extension of power.

France, the african union and others swiftly condemned the security crackdown on the demonstrators. Chadian government spokesman aziz mahamat saleh says 30 people were dead in the capital n’djamena alone.

Meanwhile, organizers of the march  placed the toll higher at 40 with many wounded by bullets as well and another 32 protesters were killed in chad’s second largest city moundou. These were the deadliest anti-government protests since deby took over in the wake of his father’s assassination 18 months ago.